Writers are known for being hermits, locked away in some garret, scribbling away by the light of half a candle, drinking copious amounts of wine and neglecting their teeth. Well, perhaps that’s a bit 19th century Paris, but increasingly we spend time alone, faces lit only by the back-lighting on our laptops, clattering away with cold fingers, one alt-tab away from oblivion.

So we thought, why not bring those shy writers out into the sunshine (or moon shine as it may be on the night), to collaborate with other creative types, musicians, poets, theatre makers, even costume designers? Because we’re all in it together, and perhaps we’re greater than the sum of our parts.

Something Else: Some of Our Parts is the next installment of our evening of storytelling, music and something else, themed around all things collaborative.


A mob of Canberra poets and their WORDOPERA,
A performance of Aaron Kirby’s writing, ILLUSTRATED by the ACT Comic Meet (work will be for sale on the night)
Work by playwright Gen Kenneally
A panel discussion on the whos and whys of collaborating

Also, a MICRO ZINE!? (more on that later)

Wednesday 22nd May, 7pm-9pm

Entry: pay-what-it’s-worth

@ The Bowl – inside Lonsdale St Traders warehouse, Braddon.

We’re really excited to be presenting Something Else in partnership with The Bowl:

The Bowl logo











THE BOWL is an artist-run adventure dedicated to pooling and promoting bright Canberra-creatives. The Bowl inhabits a space open to experimentation, expression, and collaboration. Focusing on the facilitation of artistic presentation, and community focused activities and events, we encourage dialogue to take place toward creative exchange. Located within the Lonsdale Street Traders warehouse, we produce exhibits and events, publish a ‘New Release’ occasionally, and run a short-term studio program. The Bowl’s ‘Manual For Involvement’ outlines our projects, and gives simple instructions on how to be involved.

And you’d be mad not to like and get updates about events at The Bowl on their Facebook page here.

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