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Scissors Paper Pen holds panels, debates, interviews, readings, performances and other events throughout the year. In case you miss them, or live elsewhere, we catch them in machines and spin the content into clouds of sound for you to access wherever you are. We also do the occasional online-exclusive soundcast: usually a mixed bag of words/music/interview, specially sought and recorded out and about in Canberra. In the end, we fling the sounds here, where they can be delivered directly to your ears: an SPP event in audio miniature. Stream away, or download for later. Let us know what you think. Other people too. You can find the Soundcloud version of this page…here!

The Same Page – ‘Fall On Me’ + ‘I’m Ready Now’ by Nigel Featherstone

For our June 2014 edition, the ever-erudite panel at The Same Page discussed not one but two novellas written by much-celebrated local author Nigel Featherstone — Fall On Me and I’m Ready Now, published by Blemish Books.

Hosted by a panel of Canberra’s most lovable word nerds, this month the panellists were:
– Zoya Patel: Outgoing editor, Lip Magazine and founding editor of Feminartsy
– Lucy Neave: Novelist and lecturer in creative writing at ANU

Plus our regular Jason and Marieke (respectively)
– Lynda Carmody: lover and seller of books at National Library of Australia
– Ashley Thomson: local and lovable writer, editor and cynic.

and hosted by SPP’s own Lucy Nelson, book reviewer with The Big Issue and The Canberra Times.

Recorded 19/6/14 at Smiths Alternative.

Titular interstitial music taken from ‘Fall On Me’ by R.E.M
SPP intro features a snippet of ‘Tatamae’ by Kid of Harith.

The Same Page – ‘Who We Were’ by Lucy Neave

The Same Page: a bit like the the Book Club on ABC, except beer and swearing are allowed. Not only do we host it, we record it, take on the tricky task of trimming the discussion down a bit (removing as many spoilers as we can) and share the recording with you as an SPP soundcast!

For our April 2014 edition, the ever-erudite panel at The Same Page discussed cold-war-drama-turned-tale-of-obsession ‘Who We Were‘, written by local literary academic Lucy Neave and published by Text.

This month the panellists were: Gorman House and Ainslie Arts Centre director Joseph Falsone; the prolific, celebrated local author Nigel Featherstone; our regular Jason and Marieke (respectively) Lynda Carmody: lover and seller of books at National Library of Australia and Ashley Thomson: local and lovable writer, editor and cynic; and your host, SPP’s own Lucy Nelson.

Details on upcoming editions of The Same Page can always be found at our The Same Page page!

Recorded 2/4/14 at Smiths Alternative, with thanks to Bevan the sound guy, and Smiths.

Interstitial music taken from ‘St. James Infirmary’ by the Brass Knuckle Brass Band.
SPP intro (new this soundcast!) features a snippet of ‘Tatamae’ by Kid of Harith.

Monica Carroll – Touching Men Far Out At Sea

The marvellous Monica Carroll reads her sensual and salty, lyrical and lovely story ‘Touching Men Far Out At Sea’ at Something Else: A Touch Of… in late 2012 @ Smiths Alternative Bookshop. Monica has a website.

Raphael Kabo – Touch

The magnificent Raphael Kabo reads his fablesque tale entitled ‘Touch’. It’s so full of magic literature you can taste when it touches your ears. Mmmm, sounds like cinnamon and gold. He read it at Scissors Paper Pen’s Something Else – A Touch Of… @ Smiths Alternative Bookshop in late 2012.

You can also find the story in textual form at the Lucubratory Collaboratory:

And did you know: Raphael Kabo is all over  the internet !?

Lauren Strickland – Under-wired

Rad writer Lauren Strickland reads her hilarious personal tale of teen awkwardness, self-acceptance and bras. at Scissors Paper Pen’s first Something Else – Wires Crossed, August 2012 @ Smiths Alternative Bookshop.

You can find Lauren Strickland writing in blog form and in tweet form.

Zoë Anderson – The Bee Story

Stellar spoken wordster Zoë Anderson reads her autobiographical/poetical story about bees, at Scissors Paper Pen’s first Something Else – Wires Crossed, August 2012 @ Smiths Alternative Bookshop.

CJ Bowerbird – You Never Quite Reach The Drums In The Distance

2013 Australian Poetry Slam Champion CJ Bowerbird reads his short story ‘You Never Quite Reach The Drums In The Distance’. Recorded at Scissors Paper Pen’s first Something Else – Wires Crossed, in August 2012 @ Smiths Alternative Bookshop.

The New Young Editors – an SPP Panel Discussion

Recorded Sunday, April 7th 2013 @ the Canberra Museum and Gallery Theatre
In conjunction with the Australian University Student Media Conference and the ACT Writers Centre’s Youth Week Programme


Ashley Thomson: Editor of BMA
Irmani Collis: Production & Coordinating Editor for the University of Canberra’s anthology FIRST 2012: Spun
Juliette Dudley: co-editor of Us Folk Magazine
Elousie Fowler: Editorial Assistant at The Australian Financial Review
Chair: Rosanna Stevens

There’s a movement in media, in publishing and editing: it’s the development of the unafraid new young. While in the United States, an unusually young person pushing their way through a word-based industry is lauded attractively intelligent, on the home front, there’s still a vague fear and suspicion when a bright young thing takes the editors seat. They’re not seasoned enough, they say. They couldn’t possibly understand what it takes to be the best in a cut-throat industry. When will this climate change? How can we catalyst a different reception of young people in such a competitive industry, and must it remain cut throat? Four young editors talk about their experiences — as editors and becoming editors — to hash out what it takes, and what it’s like, to be a revered bright young thing.

JC Inman + Martin Raynor + Triptych Poets = SPP Soundcast

A special SPP Soundcast, one of a triptych of interviews in the lead-up to the release of Triptych Poets 3, published by Blemish Books. Recorded on the Quick St vacant lot, JC (Josh) Inman performs two of his poems – ‘Once More’ and ‘Two Duelling Love Poems: For Phoebe’ – and Duncan Felton interviews Josh about such topics as his first work in print, having poetry in Hansard and “millions of years of breeding”. We’ve also got a demo of a forthcoming track: the song’s called ‘Loved You Once’ performed by Martin Raynor, with music by Martin Raynor and lyrics by Josh Inman.

Have a look at the other two parts of the Triptych Poets interview triptych:
P.S. Cottier on Verity La: verityla.com/looking-up-elephan…-with-p-s-cottier/
Joan Kerr on Voiceworks Magazine’s blog Virgule: www.voiceworksmag.com.au/2012/10/dyin…s-joan-kerr/

Blemish Books – blemishbooks.com.au/
Josh’s blog – moderndyslexicon.blogspot.com.au
Martin Raynor’s Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/MartinEdwardRaynor

Martina Hoffmann + The Cashews + birdsong = SPP Soundcast

Another SPP Soundcast, specially recorded by Duncan outside Lyneham High School (with genuine bird screeches and squawks, helicopter and song, for dramatic effect). Also:

– Martina Hoffmann reads her piece of creative non-fiction, ‘The Instrument’, previously published in Voiceworks #87 ‘Play’.

– Duncan Felton interviews Martina about writing as a hobby, the huggability of the euphonium, Animorphs and more. Bit long, includes awkward ending.

– A euphonium interlude courtesy of a YouTube video — www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvHfXKsT1dA (please don’t sue us).

– And The Cashews cap things off with a song that doesn’t have any euphonium, but does have trumpet, guitar and two people singing words. It’s called ‘Pencil and a Pad’, off their album ‘Small Ponds’.

Martina has more words: martinawrote.com/

Find out more about Voiceworks Magazine and their home of Express Media: expressmedia.org.au/express_media/

The Cashews have a website: www.thecashews.com/ and also they sometimes do guerrilla gigs around Canberra that are just wonderful.


SPP Soundcast = Mathew Abbott + Life and Limb

Included in the first SPP Soundcast specially recorded out and about in Canberra:

– 4 Poems by Mathew Abbott: ‘twelve surfaces’, ‘california’, ‘nevada’, and ‘new mexico’.

– A song called ‘Seems Your Buddies Are Dead’ by Life and Limb, from their EP ‘Two Hands’.

– And there was an interview, but then due to technical difficulties there wasn’t. Next time!

Recorded by Duncan Felton @ the Skyspace (nga.gov.au/turrell/), National Gallery of Australia, Canberra .

Mathew Abbott lives in Queanbeyan with his wife Emilie and his dog Champion Ruby. He tutors and lectures at the Australian National University and the University of Canberra, teaching poetry, philosophy, criticism, and film. Australian Poetry published his first poetry collection, wild inaudible, in April 2012. You can find out more and buy it here: www.australianpoetry.org/new-poets-series/ . He also maintains a blog (beetleinabox.tumblr.com) and plays in Life and Limb, a punk band named after a Fugazi song (lifeandlimbmusic.tumblr.com/).


Special Event: SPP + Women of Letters + Handwritten

Here’s the recording of part of our special Handwritten event at the National Library of Australia in February 2012, recorded by the NLA. More great NLA podcasts available here!

Yes, Granted – an SPP Panel Discussion

Arts ACT’s Mia Ching, Childers Group founder Nigel Featherstone, Author Anthony Eaton and artist Jaqueline Bradley join Scissors Paper Pen chair Laura Sweeney to talk grants during the 2012 You Are Here festival. Thanks to CMAG for the space.

SPP + LSR = Zoe Konovalov, Reading Spaces & Rafe Morris

Recorded at an evening of Scissors Paper Pen held at Lonsdale Street Roasters, Canberra, on 26.11.11. If you don’t count our launch party extravaganza at the Phoenix, this was SPP’s first event!

This recording features a sampling of goodness of the evening: some spoken word from Zoe Konovalov, the Reading Spaces Panel and a song by Rafe Morris.

Enjoy! And let us know what you reckon.

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