Traditionally the go was that every second Wednesday of every month some of the SPP team and other friendly fellows would come along to Smiths Alternative and sit, beverage, snack, banter, get to know other writerly types, write something, read something, give feedback and/or just generally get amongst.

The new SPP team is hoping to resurrect WordSmiths so watch this space for upcoming information on how this develops and when the group will be back on!

Wordsmiths has been an ongoing event/group that welcomes young writers (SPP’s all about the under 35ers) of fiction, nanofiction, creative non-fiction, novels, novellas, non-fiction, scripts, blog posts, poetry or anything else with words, really. You’re welcome if you read words out to others, submit them to be published, transmit them online or on air, or study a writing subject within your degree. You’re welcome if you’ve never been published, if you want to get into writing, if you don’t think you’re any good or if you think you’ve got something pretty swish going on. Really, you’re welcome to come along if you’re under 35.

For each WordSmiths meet up the program generally involved sharing stuff on this page before the event for everyone to absorb and then discuss on the evening. Other times we had a writing exercise or bought along writing we were working on and food to share. We’re hoping to bring this back soon and in a similar style.

If you have any questions, ideas, or whatever, email us: writetoscissorspaperpen at gmail dot com

See you at WordSmiths (in the future)!

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